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Model Audit

Auditing workshops are designed for professionals involved in developing, reviewing or checking spreadsheet models. These workshops explore the use of Excel as an audit and analysis tool, as well as selected features that help prepare accurate reports and work papers.

The skills gained in these workshops can be applied in many different areas such as investment appraisal, capital planning, budgeting, valuation, financial analysis and forecasting. In all cases, our workshops improve the accuracy of financial models and reduce development time.

Example Workshop

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After the workshop, participants will be able to use a tried and tested method to review and audit models, find errors and report on structural and coding weaknesses. Here is an example of one of our reviews highlighting errors and inconsistencies in this workbook:

Audit report, cell types report, Excel errors, mixed formulas, inconsistent code, volatile code, text formulas, Excel errors


Systematic's workshops show how to review and audit models efficiently. If you are using Excel as an analysis tool, you should be confident to check your models for omissions and errors

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