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Risk Review and Audit

Many models fail due to inadequate planning, weak structure and coding errors: Systematic undertakes independent reviews to assist clients with reviewing models to pinpoint weaknesses and significant errors. An independent third party review brings benefits since individuals can miss simple errors and omissions.

Systematic can also carry out a full model audit with detailed line by line checking. Models often benefit from a second opinion and if the models are being used for important decisions, then the application must be as error-free as possible.

Modelling Process

Modelling Process - Product Summary, Input Control, Model Map and Documentation, Calculations split into Modules, Calculations and Output Schedules Clearly Marked, Reports for Different Audiences, Documentation on the Structure and Use of the Model


This report analyses a worksheet by cell type and function in order to highlight potential coding errors. This sheet contains errors due to a mixed layout and inconsistent coding which results in output errors. We report on models and suggest any further action.

Model mapping highlights significant model weaknesses due to an inconsistent design - inconsistent code, Excel audit, Excel auditing software

Risk Review

A independent third party review can pinpoint weaknesses, give you confidence, assist with usability issues, show possible improvements or suggest enhancements