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Systematic financial modelling books cover everything from basic Excel techniques to advanced mathematics, risk and cash flow modelling mrm

  1. Mastering Financial Modelling by Alastair Day for financial modelling published by Pearson Higher Education & Professional
  2. Mastering Risk Modelling by Alastair Day for applied risk in Excel published by Pearson Higher Education & Professional
  3. Mastering Financial Mathematics in Excel by Alastair Day in the Mastering Series for Pearson Higher Education & Professional
  4. Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling by Alastair Day in the Mastering Series for Pearson Higher Education & Professional
  5. Applied Lease Finance by Alastair Day published as pdf by Systematic
  6. Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel by Berk and Carey including the StatPlus add-in or
  7. Advanced Modelling in Finance using Excel and VBA by M Jackson and M Staunton published by Wiley at
  8. Financial Modeling is a book and disk combination by Simon Benninga at
  9. Guide to Business Modelling (no CD provided) by John Tennent and Graham Friend at
  10. Risk Analysis by David Vose and published by Wiley at
  11. Financial Models using Simulation and Optimization by Wayne Winston published by Palisade at
  12. Simulation Modelling using @RISK by Wayne Winston and published by Duxbury at
  13. Excel Power Programming with VBA by John Walkenbach published by Wiley at
  14. Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel by S Albright, W Winston and C Zappe published by Duxbury at
  15. Business Forecasting with Accompanying ForecastX Software by J Holton Wilson and Barry Keating published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education at
  16. Business Analysis with Microsoft Excel by Conrad Carlberg published by Que at
  17. Financial Modeling using Excel and VBA by Chandan Sengupta published by Wiley at
  18. Excel For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Greg Harve published by Wiley at
  19. Excel VBA For Dummies on John Walkenbach published by Wiley at
  20. Microsoft Excel für Fortgestrittene (German) by Cornelia Nicol published by Microsoft Press at
  21. Microsoft Excel 2003 Formeln und Funktionen (German) by Bernd Held published by Buch AG & CO KG at
  22. The Oxford Guide to Financial Modeling Applications for Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Financial Institutions by Thomas Ho and Sang Bin Lee
  23. Excel Data Analysis by Jinjer Simon published by Wiley
  24. Excel Sales Forecasting for Dummies by Conrad Carlberg published by Wiley
  25. Pivot Table Data Crunching by Bill Jelen published by Que Publishing
  26. Statistical Analysis with Excel for Dummies by Joseph Schmuller published by Wiley
  27. Building Financial Models with Microsoft Excel by K Scott Proctor published by Wiley
  28. Dealmaking using Real Options and Monte Carlo Analysis by Richard Razgaitas published by Wiley
  29. Principles of Finance with Excel by Simon Benninga published by Oxford University Press
  30. Applied Simulation Modeling by Seila, Ceric and Tadikamalla published by Duxbury
  31. The Definitive Guide to Business Finance by Richard Stutely published by FT Prentice Hall
  32. Damodaran Online: home page for Aswath Damodaran
  1. Excel 2016 Bible as a standard text by John Walkenbach published by Wiley
  2. Excel 2016 Formulas by Michael Alexander and Richard Kusleika published at
  3. Excel 2013 Bible by John Walkenbach published by Wiley
  4. Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach published at
  5. Excel 2010 Bible by John Walkenbach published by Wiley
  6. Excel 2010 Power Programming with VBA by John Walkenbach at
  7. Excel 2010 Formulas by John Walkenbach published at
  8. Excel VBA Programming for Dummies by John Paul Mueller published by Wiley
  9. Microsoft interactive website at Excel 2007 interactive guide.
  1. Solver optimisation add-in for Excel and information at
  2. Financial CAD for a library of advanced Excel financial functions
  3. ForecastX software from John Galt at
  4. TrumpExcel for tutorials, videos and templates at
  5. Chandoo forum for Excel resources at
  6. Financial Models Dealroom for modelling resources
  7. ForecastPro at
  8. Financial Models Dealroom for modelling resources
  9. Mathtools for a massive library of links
  10. Business Functions for a range of Excel formatting and other utilities at
  11. Excel tips from
  12. Excel assistance from
  13. Excel downloads and add-ins from
  14. How to Excel by John MacDougall at
  15. Officetuts for tutorials, examples and shortcuts
  16. Excel automation services, training, and software at
  17. Excel statistics add-in at
  18. StatistiXL, a data analysis package for Excel at
  19. Statistical and decision analysis tree Excel add-In add-in from Luminaut at
  20. Statistics add-in at
  21. Simulation and decision add-ins at
  22. OLAP in Excel at
  23. Compare Excel workbooks at
  24. EstateMaster real estate add-in at
  25. Excellaneous add-in for Scientists at
  26. Maths in Excel at
  27. Office add-ins at
  28. Project Analyzer at
  29. Cashflow Wizard at
  30. Jabsoft Model Assistant Suite as a collection of modelling tools
  31. Rate yield curve model at
  32. Spider Financial for analytical and statistical software tools and services for securities trading, risk management and financial operations
  33. EZplot for plotting and data calculation
  34. Excel-Easy source for Excel templates and tutorials
  35. Spreadsheeto Excel blog, tips and tutorials
  1. Spreadsheet Detective auditing tools
  2. Navigator utilities at
  3. Spreadsheet Professional audit tool
  4. PopTools statistical add-in
  5. J Walk and Associates for Excel add-ins such the Power Utility Pack at
  6. TheModelAnswer financial modelling and Rainbow Analyst auditing software
  7. Spreadsheet Navigator for relationships between cells in a graphical format at
  8. Audit Excel at
  9. The Excel Auditor and Tools at
  10. Spreadsheet checklist at
  11. XL Analyst from Codematic from  
  12. Excel tool for comparing Excel spreadsheets and Excel databases at
  13. Stand-alone Excel spreadsheet auditor from
  14. Formlist auditing tool at
  15. Spreadsheet Selector Object Library for extracting  data and formulae  at
  16. Synkronizer to compare update and synchronize spreadsheets at
  17. Explode auditing tool at
  18. Named ranges information at
  19. ScanXLS software for Spreadsheet Inventory and cross-reference links mapping
  20. Byg Software for the Excel Auditor at
  21. Louise Pryor’s site for auditing and error discovery at
  22. Spreadsheet Advantage at
  1. @RISK simulation add-in and other tools
  2. Crystal Ball simulation add-in
  3. Risk Analyzer simulation at
  4. Simtools and Formlist add-ins for Excel
  5. Oracle Primavera who publish a Monte Carlo add-in
  6. Simulación 4.0 at
  7. SimulAr simulation for Excel at
  8. MonteCarlito is a free Excel-add-in for Monte-Carlo-simulations at
  1. History of Excel at
  2. Raymond Panko at the University of Hawaii on spreadsheet errors at and
  3. European spreadsheet group at
  4. Excel Nexus - Excel information at
  5. Excel Everywhere for putting Excel into web pages at
  6. Excel Everest - an interactive program for a hands-on Excel learning experience
  7. Addix Selector for the ability to extract data and formulae from Excel spreadsheets without the need to open the spreadsheets using Excel at
  8. MS Excel XML file conversion utility XML to XLS at
  9. SuperModeller for development of financial and reporting applications at
  10. Mathematical finance group - Oxford University
  11. Statistics in Excel from
  12. NAG for Excel add-ins
  13. Vanguard software for decision tree and simulation applications
  14. Lumina Decision Systems, the publishers of Analytica software
  15. A project risk analysis application called Pert master for project planning and project risks
  16. Project Finance Models is a financial models resource at
  17. Plum Solutions for modelling solutions at
  18. Excel mathematics
  19. Derivicom develops financial add-ins and developer libraries that evaluate derivatives
  20. Spreadsheet Aided Engineering Analysis at
  21. Wiley valuation home page
  22. Corporate Performance Systems for valuation and consulting
  23. Visual DSS financial modelling at
  24. Stern Stewart
  25. Risk Grades for risk information and scores
  26. Bayesian networks with Hugin lite at
  27. Decision tree add-in at
  28. Chris Mead for Excel on the web
  29. business applications at
  30. Access Analytic providing financial modelling, management  reporting, spreadsheet auditing and training
  31. Stephen Aldridge's financial modelling site at
  32. Useful and time saving add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Outlook and MS Word at
  33. ACBA for computing and business analysis at
  34. Micro charts at BoneVista Systems at
  35. Dan Bricklin’s web site at
  36. Easter eggs archive at
  37. Excel tips at
  38. Mr Excel at
  39. Thomas Ho site at
  40. Damodaran online at
  41. London Business School Risk Measurement Service at
  42. Mathtools at
  43. Wachowicz’s Web World at
  44. Wiillmott quantitative finance at
  45. Corality project finance modelling at
  46. Software for business and finance at
  47. 102 finance books at online finance degrees
  48. Infinity Software for PowerOne calculator for Windows, Windows Mobile and Blackberries
  49. DataSafeXL spreadsheet security - secure Microsoft Excel files, protect VBA code,
  50. Museum of HP calculators for details of all Hewlett-Packard's present and former calculators
  51. In case this is getting too heavy - the Dilbert zone or the cartoon web at
  52. KAL business cartoons at
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