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Many companies have no formal approach to spreadsheet development and do not establish clear procedures for auditing models. Failure to audit working models can lead to costly errors and wasted time.


Systematic provides services and software for auditing financial models and will provide you with detailed reports on your models. We provide reviews and fixed price audits with no hidden charges:

  • Complete model audit
  • Reporting on model structure
  • Highlighting potential errors
  • Identifying improvements

The investment example below shows a number of examples of inconsistent code and other errors taken from a working model.

The colour coding below illustrates the lack of consistency in the model whereas the objective is always to build blocks of similar code for audit purposes.

Superior financial model audit and review using the Systematic Design Method - accuracy, consistency and transparency

Spreadsheet Errors

A simple spreadsheet error cost a firm $24 million. The mistake led to AAA, a big Canadian power generator, buying more US power transmission hedging contracts at higher prices than it should have - "literally a cut-and-paste error in an Excel spreadsheet"