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See the templates page for specimens and all the models from the Mastering books. You can buy them here.


Systematic has developed a range of comprehensive financial templates and apps, for example:

Financial analysis, debt restructuring, investment models, real estate models, corporate valuation, merger models, LBO models

Business calculators or PC based alternatives to HP or TI financial calculators with full functionality and on-line help.  

The Company Valuation Model below is a complete application in Excel for financial analysis, forecasting and a range of valuation methods including free cash flow and market-based valuation.

You can enter up to five income statements and balance sheets for a company and review the historical analysis. Further sheets allow you to enter a forecast and see the impact on cash flow and ratios. Finanally, the model generates a free cash flow valuation with management reporting and sensitivity outputs.

Systematic Company Models - comprehensive Excel model for corporate valuation

All models can be tailored to exact client requirements and are used by a number of financial institutions world-wide.

Excel templates for corporate valuation, project finance, LBO, lease evaluation, real estate and financial calculations

Business Calculator

Systematic Business Calculator replaces an HP12C or BAII Plus for time value of money (TVM) and discounted cash flow (DCF) calculations