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Applied Lease Finance - E-Book

A technical introduction to financial mathematics and building evaluation models demonstrating how to use Excel in leasing. See the diagram below for chapter titles and financial model framework.


  • Discussion of types of leases from a lessee and lessor standpoint
  • Key Excel financial functions in Excel for discounted cash flows and time value of money
  • Leasing calculations for present values, interest rates, future values and amortisation
  • Basic leasing calculations and methods
  • Theory and practice of lease pricing
  • Lease accounting for lessees and lessors
  • Lessor evaluation methods and working out real returns
  • Lessee evaluation and deciding whether it is better to lease or buy
  • Lessor asset management from acquisition to disposal

Each chapter outlines a specific leasing problem and describes the theory behind the mathematics before displaying the model with worked examples. 

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The comprehensive Excel model is available at GBP 50.00 to accompany the e-book.

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Right click the links to download the e-book in an epub or mobi format.