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Example Templates

Subject Description
Data analysis Data summary and presentation
Company consolidation and report presentation
Features Demonstration of layering Excel features and techniques
Calculator Financial calculator for TVM and discounted cash flows
Investment Simple non-tax based model
Tax based investment
Private finance initiative example
Financial Analysis Company analysis spread model
Analysis model to link to Bloomberg spreadsheets
Credit risk and Z scores
Cash flow Cash flow budget
Operating leverage
Portfolio Portfolio model
Bonds Bonds calculator
Project finance Project model
Project allocation
Complete project finance model
Depreciation Straight line, declining balance, sum of digits and US MACRS
Leasing Applied Lease Finance e-book model
Lease versus purchase, settlement analysis
Lease pricing and evaluation
Valuation Free cash flow valuation
Adjusted present value
Three stage dividend discount
Combined model with comparison of techniques
Shareholder value added
Mergers and acquisitions Merger model with sensitivity and charts
Optimisation Linear programming, targeting and optimisation
Decisions Bayes theorem and probability models
Risk management Futures, options, swaps and forwards
Value at risk VaR demo model
Credit VaR Credit risk model


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