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Financial Modelling

Financial modelling textbook showing modelling standards and how to build different types of financial models.

Financial modelling helps managers to make more informed decisions and, crucially, win corporate commitment for those decisions. The ability to construct useful financial models with speed and accuracy is key skill for all executives to master.

For the busy executive or finance officer, an Excel user-manual is no place to start - today's financial models have moved a long way from the original single-sheet spreadsheets that most of us feel comfortable manipulating. Modern spreadsheets allow managers to adopt advanced decision-making and analysis tools, but few have time or programming skills to use spreadsheets to the full. This book shows managers how they can extend their decision-making capabilities by mastering the use of financial models.

This is the ultimate book and disk combination that will help finance professionals and business students alike to become more proficient in building Microsoft Excel models and applying corporate finance concepts.