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Financial Mathematics

Financial mathematics course in applied Excel starting with time value of money and present value and progresssing through to derivatives.

Tools enabling managers to carry out financial calculations have evolved in the last 20 years from tables through financial calculators such as HP12Cs to programs on PCs and personal organisers. Today, the majority of those in finance have Excel on their desks and increasingly on their laptops and mobile devices.

Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel provides a comprehensive set of tools and methods to apply Excel to solving mathematical problems. We clearly explain the basic calculations for mathematical finance backed up with simple templates for further use and development, together with numerous examples and exercises.

The book provides an explanation of key financial formulas and subject areas together with a CD which:

·    Allows you to work step-by-step through each of the chapters and examples
·    Shows the use of formulas using straightforward Excel templates
·    Introduces examples and exercises for extension work
·    Provides a menu of basic templates for further development
·    Enables you to practise, develop and improve your efficiency and competence with Excel

Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel  will be invaluable in helping you improve your Excel skills and understand the underlying financial concepts.