Systematic Finance


Consulting and Advisory

Financial modelling using Excel featuring initial project specification, design, build, audit and risk review to develop successful flexible models which aid decision-making and add real value

In-house and Open Training

Variety of workshops and training courses in financial modelling, demonstrating basic and advanced techniques or building specific models e.g. financial and credit analysis, debt restructuring, projects, investment, valuation, leveraged buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and leasing

Available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and America

Modelling Books

Best-selling industry-standard textbooks for applied financial modelling, cash flow modelling, risk modelling, leasing and financial mathematics

Template Files

Digital Downloads for Purchased Books

Download files for eBooks purchased from the Amazon Kindle or Apple iTunes store.

Note that you will need a coupon (specific word from the book) to download the templates. Please follow the instructions on the Downloads page.

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Software and Templates

Range of Excel templates and ready-made applications for immediate use or further development



Systematic offers in-house and open-enrollment workshops designed to enhance modelling skills and add real value